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Therapy Services


Orofacial Myology 

Tongue Thrusts
Tethered Oral Tissues
Sleep Disordered Breathing
Oral Habits
We work to normalize oral and facial muscles as it relates to the functions of breathing, speech, feeding (chewing and swallowing), oral rest posture, and facial development.
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Speech and Language


Difficulty saying certain sounds or words, or difficulty being understood


Receptive: the ability to understand language

following directions 

responding to the environment

turn taking

Expressive: the ability to express our wants and needs

using gestures/signs 

using verbal language (words, phrases, sentences)  

Social Language & Play Skills: intentions and interactions with others

joint attention

social games

(peek-a-boo, pat-a-cake)

songs and fingerplays

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Parent Coaching

We provide a research-based coaching model to provide families with the best opportunities for achieving their goals. We collaborate with parents to create functional strategies to implement into their daily routines.
Oro and Speech
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Picky Eating
Gagging or Vomiting
Difficulty Transitioning to Solids
Disinterest in Food or Eating
Transitioning from Tube to Oral Feeding
Our therapists specialize in one of the most important aspects of growing and thriving – eating!  We seek to create a stress-free environment so feeding can become enjoyable.

Infant Feeding

Latch Difficulties
Painful Nursing
Inadequate Intake
Difficulty Taking a Bottle
Weight Gain Concerns


Breastfeeding Education + Support

We provide prenatal breastfeeding classes and in-home breastfeeding support.
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Therapy Sessions


3 Arrows Pediatric Therapy, LLC is currently in-network with Blue Cross/BlueShield. All other insurance providers are out-of-network. For more information please read our
out-of-network coverage guide.
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